Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Night of Hell

It's taken me a while to get to the point where I am willing to share anything about that night ... especially the gory details. It was hell - it really was - at least to me. I think I have always feared that by putting my story out there, details and all - someone might tell me that it really wasn't that bad. It was bad for me ...

**This is my story of that night - It is graphic - be advised**

Normal nights can turn into nights of hell in just seconds. One look or threatening response can envoke a night of pure terror.

It was a normal rainy night. The smell of lavender filled my house and the dim candle light provided the perfect atmosphere for my movie night. I was ready for a night of nothing. Just me and the movies I had rented. I hit play and snuggled in to the futon that I had laid out and filled with pillows and blankets. The ring of the doorbell brought a visit from an unexpected “friend”.  His explanation was simple – he needed to use the phone to call his parents as he locked himself out of his car and his house. It made sense to me. He came into the house and used the phone while I got him a towel. As he talked on the phone, I admired how handsome he looked. Close shaven and clean cut. He had on nice jeans and a button down shirt with a sharp tie. He smelled of cologne that was almost intoxicating. With his phone call complete, he asked to stay for the half hour it would take his family to return. Of course I agreed. Looking back, the biggest flashback is of the front door – seeing the incredibly large sign left on it from my roommate explaining to me (and any passing car) that she was gone until Sunday in Georgia. It’s easy to blame her for the events that unfolded that night – although the blame would be wrongfully placed.

We made small talk discussing everything from work to the police academy to his girlfriend who lived down the street. He complained about the lack of sex in his relationship, and I am sure judging my lack of response, he knew I wasn’t experienced. He prodded a little more saying that she had been sexually abused as a child and that was her hesitation – and then asked me if I had been, stating that he realized so many girls are. I didn’t respond and I could tell that he sensed how uncomfortable I was. He quickly changed the subject and offered to go. As we reached for the door, he asked me for a kiss. His smile was genuine and sweet.  I really thought he was joking. I laughingly pushed him away saying no and that he had a girlfriend. Immediately the mood changed. The asshole made his first appearance of the night. He pushed my arm away from the door, locked the deadbolt, and demanded a kiss. I asked him if he would leave after one kiss and he assured me he would. I kissed him, and I remember thinking what an incredible kiss it was … until I stopped kissing and he didn’t.

He became more violent in his kissing – deeper and harder and faster. With a handful of my hair and his arm around me, he forced me backward onto the futon, already laid out with pillows and blankets for my evening retreat. I tried to pull away from his kiss, but I couldn’t. A quickly passing thought that I had when he entered the house was that he looked so handsome and I had wanted to kiss him – and now I was – and all I wanted was for him to stop.

Once he had me on the futon he quickly managed to get my wrists pinned to the cold metal frame. I was yelling and fighting and kicking and doing everything I could to get my arms free. He let one hand go and I thought I was winning. I didn’t realize he was undoing his belt. He used his roughly braided brown belt to tie my arms to the futon. I fought, somehow believing that if I could keep my arms free, he would just let me go. He would give up. As he secured one wrist tightly to the frame, I managed to hit him in the side of the head. Time stopped instantly. I think I was waiting for the GAME OVER to flash across the screen. I won. I hit him and he was dead. As he grabbed my arm and slammed it down and secured it, I realized that the game was far from over. I had not won anything … in fact, I had lost.

He sat on my stomach as he tied my wrists to ensure I wouldn’t go anywhere. Once secured, he sat smiling at me, like a hunter admiring his kill. He was so proud. He started asking me if I was ready. He told me how much fun we were going to have. I kept squirming and wiggling to break free, but it wasn’t happening. I was stuck. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I said no and continued to yell and kick. He asked again and amidst my yelling, he slapped me in the face. I was stunned. My face stung and then started burning. My eyes met his and I knew I would have to fight like hell to stop this. I continued to fight and yell and he continued to slap me. You would think after multiple slaps across the face in the same spot you would start to go numb … you would be wrong. The first slap hurts just as much as the last one.

He continued to tell me that I was making this so much harder on myself than it really needed to be. He tried kissing me – my mouth, my face where he had slapped me, my neck … anything to turn me on. The tone in his voice changed. He was appealing, drawing me in. I almost wanted to kiss him.

He slid his hands in my shorts and I was immediately brought back to reality. The drunkenness that I had felt moments before, almost giving in to him had become instantly sober and again I was screaming and fighting to be free.  His hand quickly found my throat and started to squeeze and the air escaped my lungs. Now I was filled with panic. He was yelling at me telling me to behave. I was tired of being hit and my body ached from his weight on top of me. My arms ached and burned. I wanted to fight. I wanted to win … but instead I gave up. I allowed him what he had been asking for. I gave him his permission that he demanded. I repeated every vile thing he asked me to repeat. He rewarded me with a kiss and then climbed off of me.

He returned moments later, naked and holding his tie in his hands. The look that I would grow to recognize quite well was back in his eyes. He upturned corners of his mouth gave me the chills. He asked again for my permission – had me tell him that I wanted to fuck him. I wanted him to please me in every way possible. When he was satisfied with my answers, he kissed me – and quickly replaced his lips with a tie wrapped securely around my mouth. He gently leaned in, his lips on my ear so I could feel his smile, and reminded me that it isn’t rape if I don’t say no after I have said yes. He kissed the side of my cheek and sent chills down my body. I knew that sex was inevitable at this point and just wanted him to hurry and do it so he could leave and it could be over. I gave in.

He started removing my clothing, covering my body with his mouth where my clothes once were. He did this quickly, as if he couldn’t wait any longer to devour what he had been wanting so badly. He pulled off my shirt and left it draped over my arms. He never spoke as he removed things. The only noise was his mouth and the moans escaping it. He removed my shorts and quickly slid his fingers inside, smiling and commenting that I was enjoying this and calling me a whore. As he slid his fingers deeper inside, he started stroking himself, smiling as he looked up and down my body.  I turned my head away and tried to get lost in the movie, only to quickly be brought back to this reality by a pinch or slap on the thigh and the order to watch. He constantly asked me if it felt good or if I liked being his whore or his bitch or his whatever, and instinctively I would nod yes to him.

He went down on me moments before sliding into me, moaning the entire time telling me how good I felt to him. He made me watch as he slid himself deep into me. I felt my body tense up and his grip on my thighs tightened. He smiled and moaned as he slid in and out, quickly picking up speed. The faster he got, the rougher he got, causing me to squirm. This only made him smile. I kept squirming to get away, inching closer to the top of the frame of the futon. Somehow the only fear I had was becoming pregnant. “Please don’t finish inside me” … I remember that thought as if it were yesterday.

I felt relief when he pulled out and came all over my stomach and chest. I remember the feeling of being repulsed as his body shook and the moans escaped his lips. Being covered in his pleasure was disgusting and I just wanted it off. I turned my head to look away and instantly felt his strong hand pull my face back to admire his work.

After a moment he climbed off of me and retreated to the bathroom. I laid there, naked and covered in his disgusting fluid feeling relieved. It was over and now he would leave. He returned from the bathroom with a wet towel and cleaned himself off of me. He removed the tie from my mouth and kissed my lips telling me I was a good girl. I could play this part for a few more minutes. He was done and leaving … I could do this… or so I thought.

He never untied my wrists from the futon frame. Instead he helped himself to a bottle of water from the refrigerator and sat on the couch, quietly watching the movie that was just less than half way through. I felt my heart sink with complete disappointment. He wasn’t leaving. I tried not to cry, but after a few moments the tears refused to stay inside. They poured from my eyes and nothing I could do would stop them. I was angry at myself for letting him see me cry.

After a few moments he realized I was crying. He emerged from the couch having devoured the entire bottle of water and approached me. His eyes were angry. How dare I cry? He slapped me across the face and quickly shoved himself into my mouth. He told me that if he felt teeth I would surely pay for it. He held my head as he picked up the pace, fucking my mouth fast and hard. I gagged several times and struggled to keep my breath. He came quickly, telling me to swallow every last drop. As it hit the back of my throat, I choked and started to vomit – he held his hand around my neck squeezing telling me that it was a bad idea to lose it. I forced myself to swallow it down.

At this point in the night I was feeling exhausted and beaten and bruised. I just wanted him to leave and was determined to do what he wanted to satisfy him just so he would leave. I didn’t contemplate running or fighting at this point. Just give it to him and he will go away. That was my mantra for the evening.

He smiled while he stood over me asking me if I enjoyed it. I told him I did. He asked me if I needed a break. I felt my heart sink. A break meant we weren’t finished. I said yes a break would be good. The next thing I felt was the belt being ripped off my arms and I was being hauled into the corner. I was completely confused by this but did as I was told. He started to yell and pinned my nose into the corner as he held a handful of hair. He called me names and told me I was to respect him. When I didn’t respond, he jerked my head back so that our eyes met. He told me to say “yes sir” whenever I was spoken to. I, of course, replied with “yes sir.”

He told me he was going to be sure that I remembered this very important lesson. That good girls didn’t need to be reminded of lessons because they behaved…but bad girls are to be punished. He taught me to stand with my feet a few feet off the wall, slightly bent forward at the waist and both hands pressed on the wall. I was to always look down at the floor. This was the position. I was never to break position, ever.

As I stood in position I had no idea what was about to happen. Within seconds I felt the sting of something across my backside and immediately broke the rules. I quickly turned around and grabbed my stinging rear end and started to rub. I saw the belt in his hand folded, ready for another swing. I saw his face, the anger that quickly appeared, and the underlying smile and joy that seemed to rest there as well. I broke position.

He yelled at me and turned me back around forcing me back into position. He told me I had earned an extra punishment that would be given later in the evening. He only hit me 5 more times with the belt. I was then ordered to sit on my butt, facing the corner and think about how I could make my misbehavior up to him.

I sat facing the corner, staring at the small crack in the paint that ran from one side of the corner into the other and back almost like a slithering snake. He returned asking me if I was sorry. His voice was sweet and sincere. He stood me up and asked me if I was sorry. I told him I was very sorry and kissed him. He returned my kiss and I was forgiven.

He walked me to the couch and got me a bottle of water. I was not allowed to dress at all, and was joined by him on the couch. We snuggled side by side, arm in arm, watching a movie that by this time was almost over. As it ended, he quietly got up, rewound the tape, and joined me back on the couch.

This is where I started to learn of the dual personalities that he had. The sweet man who was sincere. He kissed me and took care of me. He seemed to love me. I may have loved him back. But there was another side as well. The asshole.  I feared the asshole. He usually emerged during sex and had a definite way of doing things. He demanded things and expected things of me. I hated and feared the asshole.

Thankfully, snuggling on the couch, I found myself sitting with the sweet man. He told me how sorry he was that he had slapped me. He gently kissed me and started stroking my bruised face. He gently kissed my wrists and face that were burning still. As he kissed me, I found myself kissing him back. I liked the sweet man and quickly found myself willingly having sex with him on the couch.

Even the sex was sweet. It seemed very loving and passionate. My body responded all the right ways and our lips rarely parted from one another. As he finished and I didn’t, he quickly became the asshole. He was offended that I had not finished. He was screaming at me calling me a cunt and bitch and threw me into the corner. Here was corner time #2.

Corner time #2 had rules of its own. As he threw me into the corner and I assumed the position, I was made aware that I now had a job to do. I was to choose a number to select how many times I would be hit with the belt. I was informed that if my number was too low, he would double that number and I would receive that many lashes with the belt. I felt like I was going to vomit. I was also informed that I would have to not only accept my punishment, but that I would have to earn my way out of corner time as well. As that thought circled through my head, I tried to come up with a number I could handle. 5 hurt – a lot. I felt like 8 was doable.

He asked me how many strokes I wanted and I told him 8. He laughed and called me a coward. “16 it is”. I remember feeling like I was going to pass out when I heard that. I didn’t dare break position, as I still didn’t know what my extra punishment was at this time. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for 16 lashes of the belt on my already sore backside. I kept telling myself I could take one more … just one more … until I no longer felt the belt.

When the belt stopped swinging, I quickly felt his hand grab the back of my head and holding a handful of hair I was thrown to my knees. He shoved me to my hands and knees and quickly entered me from behind. He started fucking me like a dog, panting and moaning. As his pace quickened I struggled to keep myself up on my hands and knees. He grabbed my hips and started to rub his hands over the welts that the belt had created. I started to cry when he slapped my already welted ass as he fucked me. It was the first time during the night that I wished he would just kill me. It hurt so badly, I just needed it to end.

He came inside me and as he withdrew, he admired his creation on my ass. His fingers traced the welts and were sometimes replaced by the hard slap of his hand. He enjoyed hearing me whimper…he loved hearing me scream. He admired the outlines he created on his blank canvas. He was creating a piece of artwork like an artist, constantly adding to his piece. The blank white canvas that slowly starts to get raised welts and red striped lines, and eventually adding the outlines of red handprints. He smiled at the pinkness that he produced as he slapped over and over. It was his masterpiece.

He sat me down and I spent corner time thinking, of what I assumed was how I could earn my way out. He disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes and I was looking forward to the break I was sure was around the corner. I was, however, very wrong. His hand grabbed my hair and threw me to a standing position in the corner. I was ordered to get into position and warned again, that if I broke position, an extra punishment awaited me. I knew I had already earned one extra punishment which I still had no idea of what that entailed. As I stood in position, the belt started swinging again, and it took every ounce of focus I had not to break position.  He asked me if I had learned my lesson, and through uncontrollable tears, I said “yes sir”.  He told me to make it up to him and show him how sorry I truly was.  Although I didn’t know what that meant, he grabbed my hair and threw me to my knees and I quickly understood.

I cringed at the sight of it. He was already hard and I knew he would be rough. I sucked as he kept his hand on the back of my head. I tried everything I could think of to make him finish, but he didn’t. He eventually slapped me in the face calling me a stupid bitch. He threatened to call his friends to come play because I obviously had not learned anything. This thought terrified me. This was a man I trusted. If he could do all of this to me, what would someone I don’t know, a stranger, do to me? I begged him not to call his friends. I promised to make it up to him. Fighting back hysterical tears, I told him he could do anything to me … anything. Little did I know what he had in mind.

As I said this to him, he smiled. His demonic face lit up and he licked his lips. He ordered me to bring him the tie and the belt. I stood and quickly brought him both. He led me over to the futon. I willingly laid down and allowed him to restrain my wrists once again to the frame. He started to explain things to me, such as why he was tying my arms in an X. He explained that he was doing this to make it easier to flip me over. I assumed he wanted to flip me over to hit me…I had no idea what he had in mind.

He put the tie back around my face and in my mouth, securing it tightly. He grabbed the outside of my thigh and squeezed, yelling at me to scream. I did, partially due to the pain and partially due to my fear of being disobedient. He laughed that my scream was so quiet and muffled.

He climbed off me and came back carrying a small capsule of liquid. He put it on himself, stroking himself slowly as he did it. He flipped me over onto my stomach. He spanked my ass and shoved himself into it as he did it. He ordered me to scream, smacking it even harder. Screaming and crying came easily at this point. When my screams subsided, he pounded harder and deeper until they resumed.

He pulled me onto my elbows and knees and reentered me. My entire body hurt so badly. I just concentrated on not breaking this position as I was sure that would lead to a punishment of its own. He held my hips and fucked me until he came inside me. That was my first experience with anal sex ever and I truly believe he knew it.

He untied my wrists and removed the tie from my mouth and led me into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and we stood, waiting for the water to warm up together.  As we stood, he put his arms around me and kissed my neck. I was so relieved. The sweet guy had returned. He helped me into the shower and held me. He kissed me gently and apologized for being so hard on me. He told me I was making it way too hard on myself. Much harder than it had to be. He gently washed my body and I welcomed the sweet touch. I started to feel clean, feeling all of this nastiness wash away and go down the drain. I longed for him to hold me and protect me from the asshole. Somehow I had completely separated the two. I hated the asshole and loved the sweet guy. I trusted him.

Unfortunately it was the sweet guy who reminded me that I had an extra punishment coming from the first corner time.  He explained that if I would take it quietly and behave, I could have a break. I trusted the sweet guy and didn’t think he would let anything bad happen to me. Stupid, na├»ve little girl.

The sweet man got out of the shower and the asshole jerked me out. He bent me over the counter so that my face was inches away from the mirror. I gazed into the mirror, looking at the pitiful girl I saw there. Her face was starting to bruise. Her neck was red. Her lip was cut just a little bit. Her hair was soaking wet and needed to be brushed. Her eyes were sad and desperate. I wanted to hold that girl and comfort her, and yet I reached out to her for help for myself.  He warned me not to break position. He reminded me that this could get worse. He told me to count his swings out loud. I watched the mirror and saw the asshole swing the belt and begged the girl in the mirror to keep count for me. Watching his reflection, I only saw a smile on his face and watched him get hard. The girl in the mirror stopped counting at 5 and I watched her get fucked from behind while the asshole, again, admired his work on her ass. I felt him rub his hands over the new welts and searched the eyes of the girl in the mirror for strength.

It finally ended. I had earned a break. The sweet man returned and allowed me to get dressed. I found a nightgown hanging on the back of the bathroom door. I put it on and was able to brush my hair. He walked me out to the futon where I sat, very carefully, and pretended to watch the movie. I saw people sitting at a large table singing “say a little prayer for you” and watching people with giant lobster claws on their hands waving them around. I thought it was so stupid. I started cussing them out in my head, calling them names.  I was angry at them for being so stupid, but I would have given anything to be there instead of here.

I heard him pick up the phone and order a pizza. He never acknowledged me at this point and I tried to pretend he wasn’t there. The doorbell rang and he answered it. I never turned around. The pizza guy told us to have a great night. He replied telling him not to worry, that we would and our night had just begun. My heart sank at that point. I turned and looked at him. It was the asshole. I didn’t want him to see the fear in my eyes, although I am sure he did. He blew me a kiss and sat at the table to enjoy his food. I, again, tried to get lost in the movie. I knew that crying would be a bad idea at this point.

I watched a lot of the movie at this point. I had glanced at the clock trying to figure out how long he had been here. I assume it was somewhere around 3 to 3 ½ hours. It was now around 10:30 pm. I was pulled from my thoughts by the asshole grabbing my hair and throwing me into the corner. I didn’t move once I stood there. I obeyed his every command. I removed my nightgown without hesitation when he ordered me to do so. Naked again, I stood facing the corner listening to him tell me how disrespectful I was being.

Once again, I had to pick a number. I picked 10. I received 10. I was so relieved although I did not dare show any relief on my face. I have no memory of any emotion during this corner time. I don’t know what I was thinking or feeling. I only remember being there, watching it – which doesn’t really make sense. I know I was sat down to think about it again. I refused to let any tears fall, even when sitting was all but unbearable.

I was relieved when it was time to earn my way out. I could be on my knees and off of my backside. I started kissing every part of his body telling him I was his. Convincing him that I wanted all of this. He grabbed my neck and pushed me into the corner. He shoved himself into my mouth and fucked it, as my head hit the corner with every thrust. His hand never left my throat. He came on my face, telling me dirty sluts get what they deserve. I was happy I didn’t have to swallow again. He cleaned me up and told me to go to the couch. I liked going to the couch. Even though it had meant sex in the past, it was unrestrained and loving. It was the sweet man and not the asshole.

I know that once on the couch, sex was instigated again. It started off loving and caring as it usually did. He kissed me and comforted me. I started to relax and feel safe yet again. At some point during the sex, he became rough. Something flipped and somehow the asshole had taken over. He started pounding harder and was getting rougher. He started calling me a slut and a whore. He withdrew, grabbed me and bent me over the couch. He quickly entered my ass as he covered my mouth with his hand. I screamed, as I was already hurt from his previous entry earlier. He didn’t even prepare this time. No lube, just the wetness that he had produced moments before. His hand started smacking my ass as he fucked it hard and fast. The more I screamed the faster and harder he went and it. Eventually he withdrew and came on my back and butt. He took me to the bathroom and cleaned both of us up, telling me what a dirty bitch I was.

He leaned against the wall facing the mirror and pulled me into him. As he held me, he admired my striped ass in the mirror. I didn’t want to watch him in the mirror but I almost couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His eyes were glued to my ass as his finger traced the welts and red lines that he had created. He turned me around and bent me over the counter and started spanking me with his hand. I closed my eyes as I did not want to face the girl in the mirror. He hit me and I started to cry. After he was satisfied, he turned me around and started to admire his new handprints that were forming outlines on me. He was fixated on the mirror and our eyes never met in the mirror.

He turned me around again and fucked me as he watched himself in the mirror. I cried and struggled at this point. It was unbearable. I was raw but was too terrified to ask him to stop. He didn’t care and did it anyway. I don’t remember if he finished.

The asshole was still there and threw me into the corner yet again. I was lectured on how sluts and whores are punished repeatedly. I was asked if I was HIS whore. HIS dirty bitch. I always answered “yes sir”. Again I was forced to pick a number. My mind raced as I didn’t think I could handle even one. I picked seven, and I received 14. I broke position twice. I started crying and begged him to kill me at this point. He laughed and asked me how we could do this again if he killed me. Who would his friends play with if he killed me. My spirit was crushed and I wanted to give up. I didn’t want to play his game anymore.

He asked me if I was having fun. I lied and said “yes sir”. He told me to prove it. I thought I was going to have to seduce him again but he was changing the rules. He told me to lay down and I did. He said he wanted to feel me finish. He was going to use his fingers so he could make sure I wasn’t faking an orgasm. Somehow I was expected to perform and enjoy it and finish. I had to participate and pleaded with my body to please give him what he wanted. As his tongue danced in and out of me, I released and he was pleased. He kissed me, forcing me to taste the pleasure I created for him. That was the only time I ever finished the entire night.

He ordered me back into the shower and watched me as I scrubbed my entire body clean. I just hoped he wasn’t holding the belt when I was finished. As I stepped out of the shower, the sweet man was holding a towel for me to step into. I longed for his embrace but I was angry at him as well. All of the sudden I didn’t trust the sweet man. He had abandoned me when I needed him so badly. He allowed the asshole to hurt me, and I was angry.

He had me put on new clean clothes and put everything into the washing machine. I stripped the futon and placed all of the sheets and blankets into the washer as well and turned the machine on. I wiped down the table and chairs where he sat to eat his pizza. I did everything he asked me to. I cleaned the crime scene. I protected him.

He kissed me again as he stood by the door, his hand on my throat. I didn’t kiss him back. I felt betrayed and it was the only thing I felt I had any control over at this point. He slammed me into the wall and with his hand tightly on my throat asked me if I wanted to start the evening over again with company. I immediately panicked, begging him for forgiveness. I kissed him doing everything I could to get him to respond back with a kiss. He started kissing me back and I knew I was forgiven, but at what price?

He stood at the door and reminded me that he had friends that wanted to come play. That I was beautiful and I would make them very happy. He reminded me that it isn’t rape if you don’t say no after you say yes. You have to audibly say no. He was right – I had not said no after I said yes to him. He smiled when that realization sunk into my brain and asked me who would believe me anyway. It would be my word against a cops. He threatened me that if I ever told, this night would be nothing compared to what he was capable of. He leaned in and kissed me again and I immediately responded with a kiss back. He unlocked the door and exited. I immediately locked the door as fast as I could. He was gone. He was really and finally gone.

I walked over to the futon and sat down between the couch and futon. It hurt so badly to sit down, but somehow I couldn’t lay down. Like he would be there if I did, belt in hand, ready to punish me again. I sat and rested my head on the side of the couch and watched the movie end and the blue screen appear. I watched the blue screen for hours and I never shed another tear.

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