Monday, April 9, 2012

Less than perfect days

There are days where everything is fine - the world rotates on its axis and makes perfect sense. Fear is not hiding in every dark corner or staircase and every man does not have "that" look in his eye. Today was one of those perfect days. My spirit feels free and alive and often unaware that danger may be lurking close by.

There are, however, many days where "he" haunts me. "He" watches me and knows the moves I make even before I make them. How does he do this? How does he still have so much power over me after all this time? It's been 10 years - not all of them terrible. For a while I chose not to acknowledge what had happened. It happened - ok - I am ok - move on. And that's what I did ... until I slammed face first into a brick wall and had no option but to sift through all the shit in the box that I thought was locked away forever.

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